5 Things

Squid fishing: 5 things you didn’t know

We took a fishing boat out to sea in Orange County, but not to catch fish. We caught calamari! Well, not quite, it’s before the batter and the deep-fryer. Humboldt squid are an inconsistent catch in Southern California because they just don’t show up some years. Well, this year they showed up and were quite tasty. Be prepared to get dirty as they shoot ink everywhere with the boat’s deck usually black by the time your headed back into the harbor. Some people even wear trash bags over there bodies with arm holes cutout to avoid the spray. Here’s 5 things you didn’t know about squid fishing. Read More

Events & Festivals

All about the numbers: Great American Beer Festival

In about an hour, the Great American Beer Festival will kick off their three day event at the Colorado Convention Center in the Mile High City. We’ve compiled some numbers, giving you an idea on how “great” this beer festival really is. Read More

The Tripel: Tripel Burger

We know what you're thinking, what's a forest doing on this burger? But don't get fooled, it's quite meaty. Read More

Far Bar: Italian Samurai

Sorry ladies, it’s not half of Vin Diesel dressed up in a samurai costume. Read More

Jace's Drink This

Kiuchi Brewery Hitachino Nest Extra High XH

Here we are. Another week. Another (delicious) beer. This week, it’s Hitachino Nest Beer XH (Extra High) – a strong ale aged in sake casks.Truth is, I’ve been drinking my weight (keep in mind, I’ve lost a fair amount of weight of late, so this is less beer than it might otherwise be) in Kern River Pumpkin and Beer Valley Fresh Hop Black Flag. I’d review these, but Stan says I have to review this Hitachino. Read More

'Top Chef All-Stars'' Angelo Sosa and restaurateur Curtis Nysmith brings an 'elevated' gastropub experience to West L.A.

It would probably take us a while to taste all 120 beers offered on tap over at the SmithHouse Tap & Grill in West Los Angeles. It’s a gastropub, created by Owner, Curtis Nysmith, with a cocktail list, automated draft system, where you can pour your own booze at the table and a “classical American cuisine with a global influence” menu created by “Top Chef All-Stars'” Angelo Sosa. Read More

Jace's Drink This

Shipyard Brewing Company Smashed Blueberry

Tonight … Yes, I drink at night. Not exclusively, but when I am doing reviews, I find it helpful to have reruns of “Millionaire Matchmaker” in the background. You know what sucks about that show? Well, everything. How the eff hard is it to find a broad who’s looking for a desperate millionaire? Oh my god, a broad who’s open to dating a rich dude who’s willing to advertise his riches as a way to snag dames? Well, that must be as rare as a leprechaun or Whoopi Goldberg fan? I mean, where would one even start to find one of these elusive creatures in a down to Earth town like Beverly Hills? Further proof this is Satan’s most diabolical creation since David Hasselhoff? My wife hates it. This is a woman who watches all the “Real Housewives”, “Jersey Shore”, and thinks I’m worth marrying. Her standards aren’t what one would call refined. At any rate, tonight, I am delving into a Smashed Blueberry from Shipyard Brewing Company. Read More